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перевод песни И.Белого "32-е августа"

May be it will happen soon,
May not... Nobody knows the reasons.
One unexisting moon,
Another day between the seasons!

Another day of August,
The special day for meeting -
- The thirty second day...

No need to throw a coin,
One day you'll hear the drummer
Calling us to join 
Him on a dusty road of summer...

 The very end of summer,
An extra-day of August - 
- the thirty second day...

One nameless ship
Is taking on her trip,
And across the Sea of Sorrows she is flying.
Deep in its heart
For those who are apart
The climat cannot stop the rain its crying...

On the dusty tracks 
The Sun is lashing green, 
While riding on our backs
Up to the day that stays between

The summer and the autumn,
The extra-day of August -
- The thirty second day...

Silly is to wait
Or try to make a forecast
We can only wait
Untill the real end of August:

The very end of summer
Another day for meeting -
- The thirty second day...

Will be a reward 
For us to part again,
Except a tender word
Between a station and a train

And waiting for the summer
The very end of August -
- The thirty second day...

Translated by A. O'Karpov,  August 1998

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