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"Долгая дорога в Дублин"

Oh, fare thee well, Russia,
Incredible land!
Why shouldn't I stay here,
I can't understand!..
Your lakes are all clear,
and your birches are fair,
Turned up is my nose
And light brown is my hair...
But I long for a place of mysterious grace!
Someday I will get there, I know,
Where plays a tin-whistle, 
Where shamrock and thistle,
Where moss and where heather do grow!

I feel Irish ardour is burning in me,
And I'm dreaming of jigs
And the vast of the sea!
I hear ancient sagas and beautiful tunes,
I walk down the valleys, I read mystic runes!
And nothing will stop me before I retire,
I'll climb a high mountain, I'll get through a fire!
I'll wade a river, being drunk, having fever,
And I'll prove to you - I'm not a liar!

So let me go and find then
The road to Dublin,
To Dublin, to Dublin I'll go, I'll go!
And straight to Dublin 
My way I'll find and 
I know, I will find, yes I know!..

Just give me some time
for some money to earn
my trap I will grab
and I'll never return !
They'll say: "Now he lives
in a place that he loves,
Since he has bowed out
of the land of the slaves !"
Dark forests, deep rivers, wide seas 
             I will roam,
and kind Celtic people will ask
                           "Where're You from ?
And if you're an Irishman, if you're a Gael,
You may not speak Gaelic,
But you must drink the ale!"

Come fill up my glass and for hundred percent
I'll show you from where in this world I present!
My country will pardon its prodigal son!
True Irishman kindly will let me have fun!
They'll give me some food and they'll fix me a drink,
And then they will teach me to dance and to sing!..
Oh, they'll be my teachers and I'll teach'em too -
- To welcome the guests as in Russia we do!..

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