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Music and russian Lyrics by Igor Beliy
English translation by Alex O'Karpov

He joined us, bright and cloudy gold September.
But how he entered - no-one could remember.
We gathered 'round a table, when he came.
He'd such a look, that we all had a feeling,
That long ago we owed him a shilling
And never gave it back to our shame...

He joined us and we saw few minutes after
September trying not to burst in laughter.
And now he looked as happy as a child.
About the summer we were talking,
And I remember no-one of us was joking,
So nobody got why September smiled.

And with his smile illusions he created
That there was no need to feel frustrated,
For warm and sunny days returned again.
And we believe that skies are clear,
Though nobody would call a good idea
To have a walk  in such an autumn rain...

The odour of the Fall, it is now  stronger,
While dresses with the nights are getting longer.
The trees are burning down the leaves they loose.
And we are standing by our windows,
In silence we are listening how the wind blows
Ant tries to sing his old September Blues!..
Ant tries to sing his old September Blues!
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